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What Is Second Home Savvy?

A second home means more to you and your family than a real estate asset. The emotional value of these properties is often of greater value than the home itself. It’s a place where treasured memories have and are still being created. And many vacation property owners want those memories to continue being created long after they have passed away.

Second Home Savvy means understanding the liabilities and challenges of transitioning a property to your heirs, creating a plan that minimizes these costs while also addressing conflict and situational changes that can happen within a family over time.

To ensure a successful transition, planning has to begin long before any family conflict arises.

There are lots of questions and various situations to consider during the planning process. That’s where Second Home Savvy is designed to help you and your family! We’ve taken the financial and legal components of estate transition and created this program to inform, educate and prepare the transition of your treasured family asset.

Are You Second Home Savvy?

Understand how to protect your second home for the next generation.

Many people now own a vacation home. These homes are often a treasure to the owners and the families who make memories within them. With today’s modern families, these second homes have estate planning consequences and can also be a source of conflict once the home is passed on.

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Second Home Case Studies

Remarriage & Vacation Home Succession Planning

Donald and Theresa Grecco purchased a home on the shore of New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee back in the early 1970s when they were just starting a family. It was a stretch for their budget, but they were willing to sacrifice.

See how this family responded to growing children, unexpected life events, marriages, and grandchildren by downloading this case study.

Beach House Succession Planning

As soon as James and Holly McDonald saw the house, they knew it was the one. They’d been thinking about buying a Cape Cod beach house for several years, but none seemed quite right until the 19th-century ship captain’s house in Falmouth Heights. Despite needing substantial repairs and remodeling, they made an offer on the spot and never regretted their purchase!

See how this family responded to upkeep, careers, marriages, and broken hearts by downloading this case study.

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